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Staff of Forest Glen Animal HospitalMelanie, Veterinary Assistant

Melanie is a Veterinary Technician who joined the Forest Glen Animal Hospital team in June 2012. Her responsibilities include assisting our veterinarians during exams, monitoring routine surgery, taking and developing X-rays, building client and patient relationships and keeping the hospital clean and organized. She is pursuing a degree in biology.

"What makes working at this veterinary hospital special is the respectful and caring environment," she says. "We all share the same goals of caring and practicing the best medicine for all the animals we see."

Melanie has a blue nose Pitbull named Bowser. She enjoys spending her free time with her friends, family and her dog. Her hobbies include playing soccer and going on random adventures.

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Staff of Forest Glen Animal HospitalTania, Veterinary Assistant

Forest Glen Animal Hospital is proud to introduce you to Tania Paola Saenz, one of our extraordinary Veterinary Assistants. Here at Forest Glen, Tania assists the doctors with whatever they need, helps at reception with patients, administers the first checkup of patients, and keeps our work area clean.

Tania has been working in the animal related field for over 5 years. Before her involvement here at Forest Glen Animal Hospital, Tania worked alongside Dr. Yezenia Rubio Venegas as a Veterinary Assistant from June to December of 2016. She also worked at Veterinary Services “SAMA” during this time as a Veterinary Assistant, and move on to work for Microbiology Laboratory from January 2016 to June 2016.

Back in Mexico, Tania owns two dogs, a male Collie called Milu who is 3 years old, and a female named Juanita who she rescued from the street two years ago. Juanita is now 3 years old. In Mexico, Tania volunteered for an organization that helped find homes for adopted pets, and lucked out herself after finding Juanita.

At home, Tania enjoys trekking, climbing, doing yoga, and taking walks every day.

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Staff of Forest Glen Animal HospitalRebecca, Veterinary Assistant

Rebecca joined us here at Forest Glen Animal Hospital in September of 2017 working full time as one of our amazing Veterinary Assistants. What Rebecca considers as the best part of her job is getting to see sick patients improve and get better. Some of her daily responsibilities include assisting with surgeries, restraining patients, assisting in the exam room, filling prescriptions, and client education.

“The location is convenient, and my coworkers are great, funny, and very intelligent” is how Rebecca feels about working for us at Forest Glen. She has been working as a Veterinary Assistant since 2013. In her free time, Rebecca likes to spend time with her son or watch movies.

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Staff of Forest Glen Animal HospitalKim, Kennel Technician

Meet Kim, one of our top-notch Kennel Technicians here at Forest Glen Animal Hospital. Kim helps around the office by caring for boarding dogs and cats, feeding animals, cleaning the runs and cages that our animals stay in, fulfilextra tender-loving-care duties like cuddles, play time, long walks, and bath times. Kim also helps our doctors and technicians when needed, and helps to maintain the pristine conditions of our hospital facilities.

Kim has been working in the animal field for over 17 years, working as a dog handler who would supervise play groups, be responsible for long walks, feeding, and bathroom breaks. Before her involvement here at Forest Glen, Kim also worked as a Veterinary Assistant caring for animals that came in, tending to boarding animals, and keeping the hospital clean.

Kim started working at Forest Glen Animal Hospital in January of 2017. Since then, she has brought about a level of compassion and patience for all animals, but enjoys working with senior or special-needs pets the most. “I enjoy working at Forest Glen Animal Hospital because the positive attitude of the staff. When being trained, it is done with patience and positivity,” proclaims Kim.

Away from the office, Kim enjoys reading, hiking, and running. She is a member of Dog Rescue at The Dog House, and has a 7-year-old dog, named Lou.

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Staff of Forest Glen Animal HospitalRolando, Veterinary Assistant

Having worked in the animal care field for over 16 years, Rolando possesses a diverse knowledge and brings a good attitude to Forest Glen Animal Hospital since his employment began in March of 2016. Working as one of our Veterinary Assistants, Rolando helps by restraining animals, monitoring anesthesia, filling medications, putting in charges, answering the phones, cleaning dogs’ ears, and much more.

“I’ve learned a lot here at Forest Glen Animal Hospital, Rolando says. “I really enjoy the people I work with, I feel very appreciated by everyone here.”

Rolando enjoys spending his free time away from the office by going to the movies, playing video games, and reading.

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Staff of Forest Glen Animal HospitalSammie, Clinic Cat/Mascot

What more of a purrfect welcome to our hospital could you receive than being greeted by our Clinic Cat/Mascot, Sammie the cat? Sammie serves as a professional greeter in the front of our lobby here at Forest Glen Animal Hospital and can be found often sitting on the refrigerator in the back. Sammie also helps oversee hospital flow and enjoys having the largest group of dog and cat friends, including their people caregivers.

Sammie joined the Forest Glen team in 2011, after achieving a Masters in Phantompawology. One of the other jobs Sammie has held includes being a professional housecat. Some of the unique attributes that Sammie brings to our hospital include having a soft and hairy body that keeps him and his human friends comfy and provides warmth. Sammie is also very helpful in calming down his human companions with his gentle purring.

“I love working here because of all of the things I get to see every day and getting to meet all the cool dogs and then antagonizing the cats because they're in my house,” Sammie says. “In my free time, I groom myself, I've dabbled in professional modeling on the side, I love rolling around with my toys with cat nip and caressing my humans' faces when I snuggle with them.”

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